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Here Come the Brassicas!

Posted on Apr 13 by

Is your garden ready for a touch of the gourmet? Of course it is — and homegrown broccoli and cauliflower are two of the greatest delicacies of the veggie patch,...


Fresh Salads at Your Fingertips!

Posted on Apr 12 by

Even if you’ve only got a small city balcony or a few feet of space left in a sunny corner of the yard, you can grow delicious lettuces and greens all season long! Lettuce...


Digging for Gold in the Garden

Posted on Apr 10 by

Root crops — carrots, radishes, potatoes, beets, turnips, and parsnips — are among the the most exciting of the vegetable garden. They hide their harvest in the soil,...


It’s Tomato Time!

Posted on Apr 8 by

Does placing a match in the growing hole really help tomatoes grow better? Is it true that you can plant a leggy tomato seedling almost horizontally in the soil, and it will...


Cukes for Now, Cukes for Later!

Posted on Apr 8 by

Second in popularity only to the tomato in American home gardens, cucumbers satisfy gardeners who love to eat produce fresh from the vine as well as those who love to can their...


The Chameleon of the Garden

Posted on Apr 7 by

When you grow squash, you’re growing so much more than just another vegetable. Some varieties of this versatile, sun-loving vine make an ideal meat substitute; others can...


Thanks to Everyone Who Participated

Posted on Mar 21 by

We got a great response to our contests yesterday. Thanks to everyone who added tips and tricks and literary nuggets in our commentary area. Stay tuned for more topics featuring...