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Tomato Growing Trends for 2015

Posted on Mar 23 by

This spring, more than 42 million households will grow a vegetable garden, according to a 2014 study by the National Gardening Association. And nearly 9 out of 10 of them will...


Grow More Veggies in Less Space!

Posted on Feb 3 by

The home garden in 2015 is all about growing food and saving space! To get you started thinking about how to make the most of limited garden and patio real estate, we thought...


2015 is the Year of the Coleus

Posted on Jan 9 by

The National Gardening Bureau just proclaimed 2015 the Year of the Coleus! This annual plant (which can actually live a long while indoors or in tropical climates) is popular for...


5 Tips for Starting Seeds

Posted on Dec 24 by

Happy holidays to all our gardening friends from everyone here at Park Seed. For your reading pleasure during this season, we are reprinting a popular article from one of our...


Flowering Gems You May Have Missed!

Posted on Dec 16 by

All the exciting new 2015 flowers from seed are now available on, but as you plan your garden, you might take a look at a few special varieties from 2014 that have...


Don’t Let Frost Nip Your Garden!

Posted on Dec 9 by

We all know what it’s like. One minute, you’re wondering if you should rig up a little shade¬†protection for the fall vegetable seedlings so they don’t scorch in...