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Beautiful Garden-Fresh Squash

If you are a subscriber to the Park Seed newsletter then you no doubt received yesterday's edition of Know Before You Grow (or KBYG as we call them around the office), a wonderful and entertaining series that provides helpful information about the plants that we sell. This week's KBYG focused on the greatest of things, one of the few vegetables that is tasty enough and filling enough to regularly headline dinner entrĂ©es — the lovely, savory-sweet squash.

Squash Contender Hybrid, one of the featured items, is possibly the best zucchini you will ever grow. It produces huge amounts of thick, tasty fruit, and it matures in an amazing 43 days! The organic white squash, Eastern Delight, is delicious, disease resistant, and yields generous amounts of fruit throughout the season.

If you are looking for great pumpkins for Halloween and the fall season, try Pumpkin Big Moon, which often produces fruit of 150 pounds or more — this is one you can take to the state fair! Or, if you are just looking for that perfectly shaped 7-10-pound Jack-o-Lantern with the perfect stem try Pumpkin Autumn Gold!