Someone Has Put Our Good Name on Their Bad Check…

Along with several other reputable companies, Park Seed has been the victim of a check fraud scheme that put our company name on fake checks sent out across the country. The offer varies: letters refer to secret shopper programs, stimulus funds, home improvement grants, or lottery winnings. Regardless of the story, though, the common thread is that Park Seed Company was not involved with your receiving these fraudulent materials.

Please rest assured this has nothing to do with the integrity of our system and website security. These checks are being sent to random consumers, some of whom happen to be our valued customers. If you are a customer of Park Seed, know that your personal information has not been disclosed. Our company’s name has simply been used on a check without our knowledge or authorization, and we want to help protect you.

If you have received an unsolicited sizable check from a third-party payable from Park Seed:

Do not attempt to cash this check. We ask first that you report this activity to your local law enforcement. We are currently working with Federal investigators to find the criminals who are defrauding businesses and the American public. We also ask that you mail the check, letter and envelope to us at the address below so we can give them to the authorities for use in their investigation. Your help and cooperation are very much appreciated.

Attn: Check Scam

Park Seed Company

1 Parkton Avenue

Greenwood, SC 29647

Be suspicious of:

  • Checks or awards for which you did not apply–legitimate organizations can provide documentation showing how you entered the competition
  • Award notifications via phone, email, or regular mail–legitimate notifications arrive via certified mail
  • Any prize or grant award that requires you to pay fees or taxes before you get your cash; legitimate prizes and grants don't come with strings attached, and taxes are always paid directly by the winner to the government
  • Offers that seem too good to be true–they usually are!

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